Serving legacy trust

Our vision is to be the most trusted water company by 2020, delivering an outstanding customer experience, best value service and environmental leadership.

Our purpose is to serve our communities and build a lasting water legacy.

Serving our customers and communities

We are committed to putting customers at the heart of all we do. Our customers will always come first in our thinking and planning as we deliver our day-to-day business, working together tirelessly to serve our communities.

Building a lasting water legacy

We are dedicated to ensuring a sustainable future for water and our environment. By recognising the growing challenges and pressures on resources; by investing in smarter, more efficient ways to supply the network and by adopting greener, renewable energy to support our operations, we demonstrate a commitment beyond serving the needs of today to securing a legacy for generations to come.

Earning the trust of all

We are committed to earning the trust of everyone we serve. We will do this by transforming our service today, driving operational improvements and shaping the future of our industry for tomorrow, for the mutual benefit of our customers, communities, investors and employees.